Nicotine salt, also known as nic salt, naturally occurs in leaf tobacco and is highly effective for nicotine delivery when mixed with e-liquids. These salts are typically combined with flavoured e-liquids in 10ml containers designed for MTL (mouth-to-lung) vaping devices.

Why should I try Nic Salts?

If you're a smoker looking to make a smooth transition to vaping, nic salt vape juices come highly recommended. They provide a substantial amount of nicotine, which quickly satisfies cravings and lasts longer, meaning you use less overall. Unlike traditional freebase nicotine, nic salts also ensure a smoother throat hit and bring out richer flavours, making your switch to vaping not just successful, but also enjoyable.

Nic salts vs Freebase Nicotine

Traditional freebase nicotine, has a higher pH level & delivers a pretty intense throat hit, especially in strengths over 12mg. Some folks may prefer that, but if you’re looking for a fast-acting nicotine hit with rich, full flavours, you might want to try Nic Salts instead.

Nic Salts Benefits

  • Rapid Absorption: Nic salts are quickly absorbed, offering sustained relief from cravings.
  • Rich Flavours: Delivers bold and complex flavours for a more enjoyable vaping experience.
  • Smooth Throat Hit: Provides a milder throat hit compared to other nicotine forms.
  • High Nicotine Options: Available in some of the highest nicotine strengths for those who need more.
  • Cost-Effective: More efficient usage means you vape less to achieve the desired effect, saving money.
  • Gentler on Hardware: Less harsh on vaping devices, potentially prolonging their lifespan.

How Quickly Do Nicotine Salts Start Working?

The chemical structure of nicotine salts enhances their bioavailability, allowing them to be absorbed into the body within seconds and effectively suppressing cravings for longer periods. This rapid absorption creates a sensation very similar to smoking tobacco, facilitating a smooth and effortless switch from smoking to vaping. This similarity in experience can greatly reduce the stress often associated with transitioning to vaping.

Filling A Device With Nic Salt Liquid

Do Nicotine Salts offer better Flavour?

Nicotine salts are known for delivering excellent flavour. In contrast, freebase nicotine can significantly diminish the taste of e-liquids, particularly at higher strengths like 12mg and 18mg, where the peppery taste of the nicotine can overwhelm the intended flavours. On the other hand, nicotine salt is flavourless and does not affect the flavours at any strength, allowing you to enjoy exceptional, complex flavours with a broader variety of options.

Do Nicotine Salts contain more Nicotine?

Nicotine salts are available in some of the highest nicotine concentrations in the UK, with options of 5mg, 10mg, or 20mg strengths to suit your previous smoking habits.

Are Nic Salts harsh on the throat?

The lower pH of nicotine salts results in a smoother experience compared to freebase nicotine. The throat hit is mild but noticeable, ensuring you can feel more than just air when you vape.

Are Nic Salt Cheaper?

Yes, nicotine salts can be more economical. Their rapid absorption and prolonged effect mean you satisfy your cravings with fewer puffs, leading to less e-liquid consumption.

Can I Sub-ohm Nic Salts?

Flavoured 10ml nicotine salts are specifically designed for MTL (mouth-to-lung) devices and perform optimally with coils of 1.0ohm and higher. Sub-ohm devices, which produce large clouds of vapor, can make vaping nicotine salts on their own excessively harsh and provide an overwhelming amount of nicotine.

However, you can mix a flavourless nicotine shot with a high VG (vegetable glycerine) 50ml or 100ml shortfill bottle. This dilutes the nicotine shot with a thicker e-liquid, making it more suitable for sub-ohm vaping.

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